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Impalement is the Arnhem (NL) based metal band that plays death metal with a touch of gore and mixed in with grind. Fast brutal riffs are the basis for low grunts and high pitched screams.

The band was founded by gitarists Sander and Neet at the beginning of 2005. After a few line-up changes, they have been together in this line-up from 2008 to 2016. The first recording, the mini CD Necrophilic Beast (Fall 2007), was followed by their first full-length "In Torture We Trust" in 2011. Critics praise the typical old school sound in these modern days. Early 2014 Impalement was proclaimed winner of the dutch Metal Battle by the public. This resulted in gigs on Occultfest and the Wacken Open Air finals in the Netherlands. In early 2016 the band decided to go on without their singer Marcel and the next year Michel replaced EJ on bass. The years 2017 and 2018 were quiet for personal reasons. In 2019 the band hits the stages again and releases an overview album over the past years and formations; "Sadistic Sanctuary". Impalement is currently writing a new album.

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